I am hollie golightly, 31, Australian, a body positive advocate, a realist and a gal on a journey.

 I’m a fervent believer that it’s not what you look at that matters, but it’s what you see.  I believe that accepting who you are, in the here and now is the best beginning of all journeys. I may not be as healthy or as evolved as I want to be, but self love is the starting point I choose. Only good things can come from there.

 I want to share who I am and my life’s ups and downs, in the hope that anyone reading will feel less alone in their struggles, and to look at life with a smile and a giggle. I am a big girl in a small world, you may not be, but we all have a soul that needs lovin’.

I’m a Melbourne girl, born and bred. Have lived abroad in the UK and South Africa. I believe travel is priceless and attribute so many life lessons to people I’ve met along the way.

 I’m trying to lead a healthier and more intentional life. Where I respect and honour my body and soul with my actions.

 This blog will reflect who I am, and what I believe, and perhaps the opinion of those I choose to journey with. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and my opinions will be expressed here. I invite comments, questions and opinions. The only rules are that respect and a judgement free attitude are required here, no exceptions.

Let’s explore this crazy world together,

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instagram : iamgolightly


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